ET Call Home (Part 2)

Well yesterday was a mess. I went to music and game sites – anything a 15 year old kid might do. When ever I hit an offer for free porn I took it, along the way I was getting offers for porn file removal and new antivirus to save me from those dread hidden porn files. I took most of them just to “save my skin”.

I had so much crap on the machine that the Trojans got sick from the Virus and the whole thing shut down. It would even seem that a Trojan ate my old Trojan, Dialer-Coulomb, as there is now no sign of it and its been replaced with 3 versions of an unremovable win32.Trojandownloader.Zlob

In two hours time I logged in a couple of thousand URL’s in the index.dat files with non related to pop-ups (HAHA), I downloaded (involuntarily) about 700 jpgs (pictures) of reasonable quality with 15 being young enough to make me nervous. Qualitatively these kids are reasonably attractive and not anorexic like the ones at trial but if it’s an involuntary download, it’s all beyond my control.

At the end I had 76 spyware objects including 14 Trojans and and 54 more critical items as measured by Adaware. Of this, 3 could not be removed by either Norton or Adaware so time for another 7 past wipe to see who came to visit and stayed.

The only interesting things that is consistent with past experience is that the logs start over at about 8:30 yesterday and if I hadn’t printed them before I started at 7:30, I wouldn’t have been able to do the first contact IP number.

Big news yesterday is that the Trojan tried to set up a IGMP connection at which is a different address that the day before and that connection was through UDP so we are moving up the Internet Protocol food chain. I probably will let the malware weaken my Norton and break out so I can see who ET is calling every morning. I had to turn on the Norton Firewall 3 times yesterday in the course of the two hour session which is something a 15 year old probably would not have noticed.

I picked up more crap yesterday than I did when surfing the kiddie porn sites mentioned in the newspaper. All and all, a fine day for solving the mysteries of who is fucking with my machines.


2 Responses to “ET Call Home (Part 2)”

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