BIOS Virus or FAT Partition (Part 2)

Each piece of knowledge adds to the picture. I know I have some world class US and Russian Trojans on Tigers Tail #2 which I got in a very new way – by pissing people off and keeping track of which sites have hit me with a shit storm.

These military strength bad boys have incredible power to disrupt your machines and survive drive scrubbing and reformatting. I’m still trying to find out where they reside and what they are doing. I bought one of those POST cards but didn’t learn much. It seems that it went through a fairly normal start up checking everything too fast to read any of the codes. When you entered the BIOS, it stopped at code 75 meaning it had not checked the IDE devices which is correct. Of course, the BIOS was set for verbose mode so I could check all that. Seems that new machines are so fast, it challenged my old eyes. At the end of the BIOS start-up the code was FF which is fairly normal and regestered sending the Boot signal which is correct. Other codes like F5 and OO awake from sleep and kill were noticed.

What ever it is, if its residing in the BIOS, it’s a very passive neighbor not doing much damage to operations. Yet!

I’ve thought of one more experiment to test it’s resiliency without killing it. Hell, it if I killed it I’d have to waste a day trying to capture these bad boys again.


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