Military Trojan Slams Motherboard

Tigers Tail #1 was slammed in front of the defense attorney and the expert witness for the defense. The prosecutor dared us to go to US Cert Archives and pull a copy of an article which I’m sure we had already printed but in the heat of the trial could not find.

I was reluctant to do it because I said it could be a set up – if I was right about the Government being a distributor of military strength Trojans. Of course everybody in the room said I was paranoid so I went there and BAM!

I lost control of the video screen and was hammered. Everything shifted to the right on the screen and I couldn’t control the print menu nor could I surf the web for more information. We tried to adjust the mechanical controls on the monitor (Remember the defense expert was an Electrical Engineer who wrote assembly language for device drivers.) I finally remembered the techie said he used his head and readjusted the screen setting.

I tried to readjust the screen settings and the monitor would go black and give the now famous phrase “monitor out of range 74 kHz”. Finally, when I adjusted the screen down to the very old standard of 800X600, it worked.

I hadn’t looked carefully at the machine until I got my new toy, the POST Card. I put it in an available PCI slot and turned it on. It ran through so many error codes that I couldn’t read them. When I went to take it off energy saver mode and use verbose mode, I found that I couldn’t enter BIOS, I couldn’t enter safe mode and I couldn’t use search for files from the startup menu.

So in essence my hardware and software are so slammed that I can’t restore the BIOS to its default values, I can’t start up from a CD, I can’t search my machine to find what is stored on it to wipe it, I can’t delete programs from safe mode and I can’t control my screen settings. I have no idea of whats been planted and no way to fid out except by the use of very expensive forensic tools.

WOW! This is really cool technology and all from friendly Uncle Sam.

So my two choices are take it to a repair shop and incriminate myself or keep on Tickling the Tigers Tail until I figure this thing out.

Maybe we should just save it for the retrial and have the Techie show us how he fixed the machine as a demonstration for the jury.


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