The incredible Coulomb Dialer

This beasty was developed around 2003-2004 as a porn dialer and I’m sure it’s still in the inbdustry and mine is setting up group meetings on the Internet through my DSL. This machine has never been on dialup. I’m sure it’s dowloaded porn and probably acted as a server. I just can’t catch the contact points although it might connect to some sort of dns server based on all the hits I get when I tighten my firewall.

Now why it’s incredible is I can’t figure out how to shake it. I just removed all partitions with a Win 98 disk using the Fdisk command, wiped the hard drive with a triple DOD pass and a zero overwrite and then reinstalled the operating system from the recovery disk. You got it, an adaware scan showed that I was still infected.

Now thats a persistent beast.

You just got to love it.


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