Definately a Bios Virus!

Adaware picks up this Military Strength beast as an alternate browser and coulomb dialer. I did two final experiments to determine if a mear mortal could shake it. For Compaq Computers, the drivers are part of the operating system and if you use OEM Windows XP you risk losing device capability. So I installed OEM Windows XP and had problems with the video but no Trojan as I had never called on the BIOS to confirm the installation process and provide the device drivers.

I’m not sure of the long term consequences of my final experiment. I took an old linux hard drive, removed the partitions using fdisk from a Windows 98 disk. I changed the dial -up modem, added a PCI network card, and increased the memory. Now this should have altered my my WPA code when I recovered Windows XP from the recovery disk.

You got it, I still had the Military strength Trojan but I’m not sure whether it knows who I am. Amazingly, it has survived to contact and serve it’s master but it has to be a weakened state (Wishful Thinking???). If it fails to recognize me, I should be able to go back and revist sites that gave me mixed responses. We’ll find out – but you got to respect this beast and the damage it can do.


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