Military Strength Linux Virus

In my never ending quest to track the hosting of kiddie porn, I stumbled on a very nasty kiddie porn site. This is the type of stinkpot (retaliatory honeypot) used to knock you off the Internet so you seek professional help who then rats you out to the authority.

The first sign you have a virus is that your computer becomes Temporally Challenged which is politically correct for the fact it can no longer tell time. It seems your computer changes time as your computer’s clock is synchronized to military time at their base of operations

Step 2 is that your monitor reverts to a 600X800 format with about 6 point type. When you try to change it it freezes and shuts down. If you ignore all this and keep working on the dark side of the net, the machine freezes and when you restart it, your user name is erased and you are urged to log in as root. (Remember, you are still connected to the net. )

My solution, destroy partitions with Win 98, wipe the drive and reinstall with caution – more about that later.


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