Military Strength Linux Virus – Post #2

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. When you have this bug, you have a hard time downloading patches and updating your computer. Under the best of times this process sucks but when you have the bug, it becomes impossible and hangs at random patches.

The real name for this post should have been:


It seems when I first wiped this hard drive it had 79.2 GB. I happened to note something very unusual in the wipe process there were now 3 drives on my machine identified

Hda 76.316 GB
A:\ 1.44 GB
B:\ 1.44 GB

Now the shrinking hard drive got past me when I went to wipe it and because I knew that there were no floppies in the machine, I skipped the wash.


I noticed that the drive washer noted illegal partitions whatever an illegal partition is. I also thought I noticed something about FAT12 partitions which is the partition used for a DOS floppy disk.

I noticed the total was 79.196 or rounded to 79.2 GB.

What the hell, I did a 35 pass Guttman wipe on the identified a and b drives. In the so called a:\ drive there was data removed. In the b:\ drive the floppy drive made noise as the program searched for media.

Regardless, when I reinstalled the SUSE 10.0, the disk size was down again but the installation worked with the correct monitor display size.

One good thing about all these reinstallations, it only took me 15 minutes to get the printer working in Linux.

When I went back and did the same on a Windows XP machine and wiped the non-existent a:\ drive there was also data removed.

Who would ever think about wiping an nonexistent drive.


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