Good God, All Hell’s Breaking Loose!

You can always tell your right when the people in power get pissed off. I mean if there were no military strength Trojans creating inaccessible partitions to hide shit, if weren’t delivering those military strength Trojans to both Linux and Windows systems, if the experiments weren’t so reproducible why would anybody fuck with my ability to use looking glass sites to track the IP of to their multiple server locations. I was IP Blocked all afternoon after my last few posts.

This is a decided lack of military inelegance [oxymoron at best] as it seems to confirm that the publication of porn from the government archive is a government operation.


One Response to “Good God, All Hell’s Breaking Loose!”

  1. Almost Free Speach « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle Says:

    […] On Thursday I had 1876 visitors or about one visitor ever 45 seconds. They came from search engins all over.  I was ranked in the top 500,000 of all web sites and number 23 on the wordpress fastest growing blogs. Today, I’ve had about 1 visitor every 10 minutes or one every 600 esconds. Overnight 90% of my traffic was gone. I was shut down to visitors about 5 am on Friday. This has happened before when I pissed off the Feds. […]

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