Window Washer Sucks

Well this is a site about government porn sites, government cooperation with security firms and all that nasty stuff. So when you think of all the things sucking on those sites, there’s room for one more.

I have my Window Washer set up and updated so it should have been able to defend itself. It was programmed to run on shutdown and again on start up. So after I just started up and it ran I checked my inex.dat files. There were 69 items in history, 31 cookies and 1055 items in cache files with some of them being porn images.

I thought it was supposed to wash all traces of my windows path.

One word!



3 Responses to “Window Washer Sucks”

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    […] the XP-ress Ticket to Jail In my review of Window Washer, my prime complaint was that it promised to bleach or shred all my sensitive data and wipe away my […]

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    […] There report ran 64 pages and is easy enough to read. My original report on Privacy software ran a little more than two paragraphs and I stand by the Title Window Washer Sucks. […]

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