Click a Link – I Dare You!

Did you ever wonder how much information you give away when you click a link? Now the following link is kind of explicit and maybe anybody who clicks it ought to be in jail for stupidity alone. After all, it comes from a porn site and is offering links to top ten porn sites, girls gone wild, bisexual women, hot single woman, nude strippers and:

Sexual Child Abuse

Now obviously, it’s from a honeypot and whether out of moral values or fear of the law, you should never click a link until you can read the code underneith. The above link was made live with the crap from which is close enough to kiddie porn to get in trouble with the Law. The following code has had the identification altered just incase the identification number was tied to me and my machine. So here’s the code that carries the information to whoever operates the server.

onmouseover=”changeStatus(‘Sexual Child Abuse’);return true;”
onmouseout=”changeStatus(”);return true;”
title=”Sexual Child Abuse
name=”sk2″ >Sexual Child Abuse

The opening (a) and closing (/a) have been omitted inorder to read the code. Do what you want, but I would never click a link from a honeypot that changes my status to “Sexual Child Abuse” I may click a link to teens, young or otherwise to rip the code, but anthing that clearly says “Sexual Child Abuse” on a porn site cannot be interpreted in more than one way.

There are just some thing’s in life that I really don’t want to see or know.


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