Some code from a dangerous site.

OK, someone has been tormenting me with search terms to check up on which shows up in the code for and the code is pretty much the same. A third site is named in the following segment but I will not go to the third site named as was even more disgusting than and the only thing worse would be for to be snuff flicks. You can read more about this trilogy of shit sites at the Fat Savage Blog.

{ var j = i + alen; if (document.cookie.substring(i, j) == arg) { return getCookieVal(j); } i = document.cookie.indexOf(” “, i) + 1; if (i == 0) break; } return “”; } function mkla(){ window.location.replace(’′); if (getCookie(’’) != ‘visited’){ popURL = ‘′; } else{ popURL = ‘’; }; }

The new improvement in data transmission is the unusual style for the URL when you click a link using hex to hide something. A typical link from a picture reads as follows.

href = ‘go.php?link=t2/93.jpg&′

Practice your hex translation – this one ain’ that tough.


3 Responses to “Some code from a dangerous site.”

  1. - Definately Not For Profit « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle Says:

    […] This crap was nasty and I felt so dirty, all I could force myself to do was to rip the code. Parts are published at […]

  2. kashi Says:

    nice site

  3. jdoe Says:

    these sites along with young peaches and young virgins are sting sites

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