Wrong On So Many Levels!

I just purchased five used hard drives for $50 to continue tracking domestic kiddie porn. I mean some one should expose (haha) these criminals. While the Feds are diligently pursuing old men and children who possess just one of these pictures, they are ignoring kiddie porn sites hosted in America and delivering their stuff to Americans.

These sites are well protected and you can get the list here. Now when playing the game, you’ll find dozens of ways to get attacked by spawned kiddie porn and it will come so fast, you will never be quite sure what is on your machine, how it got there or where it comes from, so that makes removal difficult.

As I said before, I’m really never sure if all the crap is gone and as pointed out by “on request” these virus are a lot more powerful and talented than most people give them credit for so more stuff could be hidden anywhere. The only solution I have to insure there is not one picture on a drive is the “Lot’s wife turned to salt” approach. This means I need a never ending supply of hard drives and anything above 4 gig is enough to surf the web and do research particularly when you have zero faith in the integrity of electronic storage.

Speaking of the lack of integrity of electronic storage, four of the drives that I purchased have been wiped, but one came from a police department computer and had never been wiped.

Fucking unbelievable.

This drive had a plethora of training documents, the names of four captains, Sergeants and coworkers, cookies that identify the officer’s bank, phone and electric company, the email account and more. Now cops are fairly stable so the five year old drive with all the info and the training manual plus a public newspaper to update department information and there’s enough background for Kevin Mitnick’s friends (The Art of Deception) to start dribbling down their chin. I mean it might not work in Washington but a move to the hither lands would probably get you a cop’s job or allow you to impersonate one for whatever nefarious reasons you dreamed of.

An even funnier use would be to load it up with kiddie porn from the era on an old machine with a rolled back BIOS clock, Then erase all index.dat files while leaving the cache file of kiddie porn pictures, remove the index.dat removal tool and wipe the tracks of removed files. Send this lovely package to the FBI and no defense will be possible. Leave Window washer, AdAware and Norton because none work very well to hide your surfing history. They will have another victim for a high profile persecution proving that no one is above the law.

So why fuck this poor cop who probably did nothing more that trust his IT Department?

Because it’s so fucking easy.

I mean why did the Feds fuck Charles Stefano at trial by having Shannon Perkins continuously perjure herself with obvious and indefensible lies?

Because it’s so fucking easy, they did, and they won.

This is all so wrong on so many levels.


One Response to “Wrong On So Many Levels!”

  1. salman Says:

    plzzzz do it

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