Google Proof Sites!

Logic dictates that there are sites so secret that they want to be anonymous. Obviously, the first level of protection from intrusion would be to not have anybody know you are there. On the private sector security level’ you would have to have a compelling need for domestic and foreign search engines to suppress all positive and negative comments about you to the point that proving your existence is difficult unless you type in the exact URL for the site.

I always try to checkout a website before I go to it figuring that there must be a lot of public information on most sites. I mean I Google it to see what people have to say, I look at for information and also I also run a few traceroutes to see were I think it was located and the probability of honeypots along the route. I also do a whois search. By the time I get to the site my main purpose is to rip the code as I know pretty much everything about the site.

Occasionally, I get served a whopper as the site automatically redirects me to a kiddie porn delivery machine which could send me to jail. was one of those mystery sites with a hidden foreign whois file but the traceroutes kept on tracking back to new York. About us said it had no code on the home page and Alexa said it had no traffic rank. When I ran an MSN search there was no information and when I Googled it, they said there were 118 references until I went to page 2 then it said there was only 20. The cache home page was not available. Searches from Europe and AOL were equally illusive.

My point is that not that this is just another government kiddie porn site that can send you to jail, but now we have American porn sites that are averse to publicity.

Go Figure!


3 Responses to “Google Proof Sites!”

  1. Is Shocking « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle Says:

    […] As discussed separately, was one of those sites that you just couldn’t find information on no matter how hard you tried. I did an search which reported that “There is currently no text in this page”. An search said there was no data available. When I Googed it, I found the cache pages were unavailable and there was no meaningful information about the site. […]

  2. John Ebere Says:

    You are in line with realities

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