GhostSurf Sucks!

For the emotional rant against Ghostsurf you can go to our sister site Here we will just cover the facts. In 20 minutes of surfing I got 6 cookies from 35 URL’s and there were 140 entries into cache memory including images. I got a bot which commandeered my machine and delivered 1.1 million files which is 10 times my normal machine load. There was no way to erase these files as delete, move and wash was overloaded by the sheer volume. and in 24 hours, I never even dented the raw number of files.

Restore and renaming after restoring seemed to work but since this was my ultra secure machine, I didn’t think that was good enough.

The only way out was wipe the drive and reinstall. I had to pay 35 dollars for Ghostsurf to screw me like this. Hell, I’m pissed at the Feds for the evil crap they do to me and they never screwed me this bad, but then the Feds are supposed to be the good guys.


One Response to “GhostSurf Sucks!”

  1. GhostSurfer Sucks! « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle Says:

    […] Not a chance, the index.dat files were loaded with crap including the URL history and pictures in cache memory and there were cookies I was so pissed removing this paid program from my machine that I bearly had time to document the technical details for the blog at Tigerstail. […]

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