SANS Lite – Definitely Worth the Money

A $99 SANS Security Course????

I have been using computers in one way or another since 1964. Thats pretty incredible when I think about it. I have used the Wang desktop (1972) where you used a pencil to punch your cards and only one card was read at a time, I owned the Timex-Sinclair (1982) where the memory pack fell out when it moved and you lost all programming and data and a Victor Programmable (1976) that used a credit card type device for programs and memory.

I have to admit that I’ve always had a casual attitude about security as I’ve done it pretty much by instinct, knew when my computers were sick and treated them. When I started to allow kids to access the net from my office and there were constant downloads and file sharing, my security got a little tighter but it was still a casual effort.

Even putting a secure gambling machine on line was not that tough although it was never operated at high volume.

It was not until I got involved with tracking the ownership of kiddie porn sites that I got to feel the sting of Military Strength Malware. So, now I’ve started to increase my knowledge. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands on computer books and on line programming courses and also got a lot of information for free. Much has been excellent although I must admit to a few unfinished courses and unread books that were not worth the time to complete.

So when I started seeking information on security, it was impossible to miss SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute which was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. Now most of their courses cost thousands and take a week of your life but on my last visit, I took notice in the middle of their on line courses which still cost thousands a $99 special which jumped at me.

Now according to SANS, The Stay Sharp Computer and Network Security Awareness course is offered for the individual just beginning to explore computer security. They also warn that it might be a little elementary. “Please note: If you have a basic understanding of security concepts and basic technologies, please consider our more advanced offerings.”

Now simply stated, this is the simplest most useful knowledge packed course I have ever taken.

This thing is designed to protect, the computer, the family and the individual. It describes simple to use DOS tools that I had never heard of and web sites that will check your machine for everything. I will be discussing some of these over the next few days because they are just too cool not to share.

If I had kids in the house, I’d take this course as a family project as an alternative to prime time television. It’s amazing how easy it is to find out where Dad’s been surfing, what the family credit card numbers are and who uses what for a password. As a matter of fact when you find out how easy it is to hack yourself, you might spend a little more effort trying to defend yourself. I know I did. If I were a 12 year old wannabe geek, I would definitely beg for this for Christmas.

I’m sure that the knowledge contained in this course can be used to protect the average family for all their surfing needs. I’m not sure anything can protect you when you get attacked by Military Strength Malware.


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