Windows Vista, Your First Class Ticket to Jail!

If Windows XP is your XP-ress ticket to jail, upgrading to Vista will make it a first class trip. This is really not an issue of security but of built in indexing and recovery features that will keep deleted files longer and make undelete easier.

The good news is that the records of sites visited is so accurate, it will tell exactly how many times a site was visited and revisited. The defense of I went there by accident and never went back will be much weaker or stronger depending on the record. On the other hand there will be no way to destroy the files or remove them from your computer short of the Lot’s Wife approach advocated by the Fatsavage.

This means a mean spirited prankster (or an enemy) can set you up with a trip to a Kiddie porn site and the Honeypot will tag you at the same time that Vista documents the frequency of the visits. Since most corporate or school computers have a fixed identity or IP address for security, it’s easy to find the user behind a network and even easier for a home computer. There is no defense for more than one picture and frequent visits so you better learn to automatically secure your Vista Computer when you are not at your Desk and never let anybody surf your Vista Computer.

I think the best possible use of the new Vista features will be as a plot for a novel where a woman sets up her spouse with a one way ticket to jail. When the husband is asleep and the kids are in bed, she surfs kiddie porn and then makes a show of deleting the files. Do this on a regular basis then leave it live one night and call the cops in the morning. The record of the site visited and the deleted pictures will still be there. The divorce is automatic and uncontestible, there are no custody issues and the husband is in jail. The more prominent or famous the husband the more the ICE man from Customs will pursue the case.

In the future, will the paragraph above represent fact of fiction for the new Vista World.


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    […] and probing you but you can keep your machine clean enough that there is little there to find. Now with Vista, this is clearly not the case. There are back-ups of everything as the default and many are complaining that that use of Vista […]

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