What’s Vista????

Check out dictionary.com for the meaning of Vista. It is either a

1. A distant view especially one seen through a long, narrow passage as between rows of trees or houses.

2. An operating system which provides a brilliant vision of the
future when viewed from the narrow perspective of Microsoft Public Relations

Actually, I’m really not able to evaluate Vista so can’t really form an opinion. I purchased an upgrade from Office Max who warned me in advance that all software purchases are final. My intent was to play with an old laptop and test it there before I sacrifice a real machine to another Microsoft disaster. Unfortunately, the CD Rom wouldn’t be recognized so it wouldn’t upgrade. My only logical choices are Microsoft sells crap or Office Max is selling counterfeits. Oh well Down $109 and not about to stand in line to bitch because if it takes more than a couple of hours, I make more than that consulting.

So I went to my neighborhood computer builder and begged a copy of OEM Vista. I didn’t feel guilty because I am known as a computer builder and have already spent the first $109 to test Vista. Guess what? Down another $129 as that didn’t work either.

At least the shop took it back to offload on some other machine. Guess I’ll have to wait until I purchase a cheep machine with Vista pre-installed.

So far, the so called OOBE sucks. For those who don’t know OOBE is supposed to be that absolutely wonderful “Out Of Box Experience” you get when everything works.

Both copies came in boxes and both suck.


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