IE 7 Sucks

In the Tigerstail blog, security and privacy are the only issues. I’m not fond of Window Washer because it doesn’t automatically live up to it’s promise to erase all tracks of your websurfing habits. I finally figured out that it does a fair job of removing tracks from IE 6 if you use a convoluted system of having it fight the browser on start-up and then wipe again when you close it down.

So while I wasn’t comfortable with all thos pop up windows advising me to close my browser because it wasn’t clean, it actually worked to prevent storage of my web surfing tracks if I ignored the message saying the browser couldn’t be cleaned while open.

Then – BAM!!!

In a drive-by download from my automatic upgrade of Windows, I was upgraded to IE 7. Now the reason I stuck with Windows was because I was documenting just how crappy the browser is. However, IE 7 creates and stores those index.dat files in a different way and there was no way for me to get Windows Washer to work in any acceptable manner. Tracks remained and I got random browser error and shutdown messages.

So I switched to CCleaner which I wanted to try anyway based on the recommendation by Shane Fowler in a comment. Now here’s where IE 7 really failed. I mean it simply wouldn’t let CCleaner do its job. There was no way I could get the combination of CCleaner and IE 7 to work. So the choice was stick with my Constitutional right to Privacy or abandon it in favor of supporting Bill Gates and IE 7.

I mean – is this a no-brainer?

In the next couple of blogs, I’ll report on securing Firefox for privacy and the ability of CCleaner to protect me and you.


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