How Many Index.dat Files Are There?

Your index.dat files keep a complete record of where you surfed, what you searched for and the pictures that you saw. Combine that with your user id and cookies which index.dat does and it’s hard to deny that you are you. On top of that, we have the unique Windows Identification Number and not only are you you, but it’d definately your machine. Finally, the index.dat files are linked to your cache piture file and you are on your way to jail wether it’s perversion, bombs, drugs, guns or extortion.

Now if they can do all that with their domestic spying, its hard to understand why they don’t shutdown spam and malware and the only answer I can think of is that they hide in the muddy waters that they allow or create.

Your only defense is to get a good understanding of index.dat files and where to find them. Unfortunately that is not easy, because you can never be sure you have them all.
I will discuss more about search engines not searching but trust me, the Windows Search function is a piss poor place to start or trust.

First off, you have to remember to search all hidden and protected files to find any. There are three basic index.dat files (History, Cookie and Cache) and each user has three of them including the administrator. In addition, certain programs also use the index.dat files in addition to Windows. On a brand new installation, Windows Search will find most of them but not always all.

It would appear that the more infected the machine the more files are created. I’ve seen as many as 25 on a badly infected machine and as few as six on a clean machine. Prior to any malware infection, CCleaner will find and erase more files than Index.dat Analyxer so you know from jumpstreet that Index.dat analyzer is not perfect? So why keep it?

When you get hit with Military strength Malware, CCleaner seems to become ineffective and Index.dat Anaylizer picks up a lot more problems than CCleaner. Unfortunately, with Index.dat Analyzer, all files have to be manually detected and the stored items manually deleted.

To make this perfectly clear:
Windows Search is brutally ineffective on finding index.dat files.
Index.dat Analyzer doesn’t work well on clean machines.
CCleaner is not effective after you get Military Strength Malware.

So the answer to:

How many Index.dat Files are there is:

Who knows?

You will have plenty of time to ponder it on your way to jail.


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