Vista Blue or Vista Me?

I was probably one of two people in the Universe who actually liked Windows Me. I mean I still have an off line inventory machine running Windows Me and Office 97 that is stable and still working. It has enough memory to do the job, is fast enough and off line so I probably won’t replace it until it dies. I thought about giving it to a kid, but the first time it goes online, it will get murdered by malware. I never purchased Win 98 so after the Blue Screen of Death with Windows 95, anything was a step up.

Alas, the court of public opinion ruled against Windows Me and Microsoft was forced to kill it with a premature introduction of XP. Today, I once again tried to use the Windows Vista Upgrade I purchased from Office Max. I have a brand new Windows XP machine that has never been on line. I opened the box and started the installation. What a thrill as I attempted to peak trough the Vista to my future.

The first screen that came up was one that told me I should do this online because, that was the only way it might work. In other words, the crap in the box would probably not work. I’m weary of online installation because of the potential for malware before the update is even completed and this machine doesn’t have an anti-virus yet, since I’m not sure what will work with Vista.

I rejected the online offer and stuck with the CD. The next screen that came up told me that my current version of IM wouldn’t work with Vista and that my printer wouldn’t work. I clicked OK because I’ve been wanting a new printer even though the old one works fine and I rarely use IM anymore.

The whole process started running and the next screen that popped up told me not to worry, the upgrade would take hours and the machine would automatically restart several times.

Actually, I found that acceptable because my grandchildren are visiting and they are used to getting my full attention so unknown to them, I could actually accomplish something while swimming, hiking and cooking with them. (Our first gourmet treat was Jello with canned fruit cocktail added.) That is accomplish something other than the joy of total adulation by two little girls.

About an hour later, I checked the machine to find The World Famous Windows Blue Screen of Death and the message was fucking priceless.

“A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to protect [my] computer.”

Now that’s really nice and considerate and probably the first really sweet sentiment I have ever heard from Microsoft.


“If this is the first time, you’ve seen this error screen, restart the computer. If this screen appears again follow the steps.”

Problem is, I cant restart the computer, and each time I shut it down and restart it, the same screen appears. Since I can’t restart the machine I will include their advice for completion and just to prove that the evil genius is back with Microsoft.

“Check for virus on the computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated, Run CHKDSK /F and restart the computer.”

Now this machine has never even been on line, but just in case the Bill Gates Vista Team was correct, I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled the Motherboard drivers, and the OEM XP which came with the machine and started the Vista Installation again.

This turned out to be a perfect scientific experiment as the results were 100% reproducible.

Thats right The World Famous Windows Blue Screen of Death was back with the same message. Oh well, it’s time to hack the Vista installation process and see what’s up.


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