Vista Blue – That Damned Summer Rerun

OK so this time I did it by the book. I formatted the last aborted install of the Vista “Upgrade” on the brand new XP machine, and then reinstalled the XP operating system. I chose PCcillin anti-virus for reasons that will be discussed separately, put the machine online activated the Windows national identity number and and updated all software and ran all scans. The machine was a prefect installation of Windows XP with everything working perfectly.

So like a demon possessed, I attempted my third installation of The Windows Vista Upgrade (form Office Max) and did everything by the book including installing online and accepting every recommendation. I didn’t care that it still hated my printer and IM. It even hates PCcillin and warned it won’t work after the “upgrade” which has to be a very abused word. (Change is beginning to seem more accurate.) . Hell, there are other anti virus programs out there and I was feeling this compulsive need to open the Vista to my future world of the Internet.

I once again made it past the screen that said this update would take hours and the machine would restart several times. When I returned, the machine was froze on the same Blue Screen of Death that made Microsoft so Famous.

I’m beginning to understand Microsoft’s marketing strategy for China where they have discounted the Chinese Version to $69.00. If they had to pay to bury all the returns in a landfill, they would go broke because there are already billions of copies on the street. By repackaging with a patch and a Chinese character set, they can offload this crap in a remote market and recover some of their costs associated with this abortion.

Actually, it makes good short term economic sense.

It’s a good thing that the grandkids are visiting and I’m getting used to very bad summer reruns on TV. I’ve spent about 15 hours trying to install a $100 Vista “upgrade” on two different machines. If I spend 2 more hours, I would have been better off working at McDonald’s for $7 per hour and throwing this crap out. Oh well, the Blue Screen of Death has allowed me to reminisce about the past as old people are prone to do so it’s sort of like a few more wasted hours watching very stupid summer reruns.


5 Responses to “Vista Blue – That Damned Summer Rerun”

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  2. vistasucks Says:

    Love it.
    Check out my site. I think you’ll find it relevant to you.

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    […] Vista Blue: A User’s Frustrations. I’ve spent about 15 hours trying to install a $100 Vista “upgrade” on two different machines. If I spend 2 more hours, I would have been better off working at McDonald’s for $7 per hour and throwing this crap out. Read more. […]

  4. Neil Says:

    I have used PC-Cillin before and would NEVER use it again. Norton may be resource hungry but it is much better than Trend.
    Trend let viruses onto my computer and Norton has not !!!
    My subscription ran out and PC-Cillin neer told me, and then instead of keeping the program up to date, I got done !!!!
    Why didn’t you use the “Upgrade Advisor” for Vista, it would have told you about ANY incompatible programs before you even tried to install Vista.
    Preparation work first …you did NONE …. and then screamed blue hell murder that Vista was no good.
    As I said preparation.
    You seem by the way you write that you really were waiting for something to happen.
    As you state “This time I did it by the book”, in my view you didn’t !!!

  5. fatsavage Says:

    Actually Neil, you are 100% wrong in your assessment of my work. I did use the so called “Upgrade Advisor” which did not offer advice but simply told me what wouldn’t work.

    There is an unsatisfactory hack which allows the change to Vista which I will post in a future blog. This has nothing to do with incompatibility, it is simply an unpublished procedural change. ie a different way to use your Vista Upgrade which I discovered and will publish.

    PS read the next post. I don’t use PCcillin because I think it is the best anti-virus, I use it because it actually does an excellent job of tracking the unpached MS vulnerabilities. (Better than Microsoft!) However, take note, in every comparative test PCcillin is a better anti virus product than the one offered by Microsoft although not as good as Norton.

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