PCcillin Tops Microsoft Updates!

This is a tough post to title. First off Microsoft Updates are different than Windows Updates. In the classic Windows Update, you patched your Windows operating system and the other software was left alone. Unfortunately people started exploiting all the bugs in all of the rest of the software and this gave Microsoft the excuse it needed for a total “Microsoft Update” of all MS software where the legality of every program could be checked.

The problem is the same with all new Microsoft Products, when first introduced it doesn’t work. But for that matter the simple Windows Update doesn’t work as you would expect.

One of the very best features of PCcillin is it keeps track of all of the vulnerabilities in Microsoft software better than Microsoft does. On the brand new XP machine, PCcillin catches 57 Microsoft vulnerabilities before either XP or PCcillin is updated or the machine put on line. If you choose to update the machine and the antivirus software before activiting windows which you have 30 days to do before they shut you down, you get a message that your machine has been successfully updated. Guess what, all the updates have introduced 40 more vulnerabilities and you are actually worse off.

Seems like Microsoft’s way of getting even for your not activating your copy of Windows is to open up even more holes and lie about what they have done.

Now this is an easy experiment to do. The next time you install windows, choose the option that says you will activate windows later, and install PCcillin. Check for vulnerabilities before you go on line. Update both PCcillin and Microsoft online while refusing to activate your copy of Windows. After you have successfully updated both programs run a PCcillin scan and you will find almost 100 unpached vulnerabilities.

Now, activate Windows and do a Windows update and do another PCcillin scan and you will find all your vulnerabilities closed.

I can’t recall reading that in the fine print. That’s like purchasing a leaky life vest and the manufacturer refusing to patch it until it is registered and the location of where it will be used documented.

While on the topic avoid Microsoft Updates for now. This program automatically installed IE 7 and the PCcillin scan showed a vulnerability which the Microsoft Update failed to patch. When you did a knowledge base search, Microsoft acknowledged the existence of the named vulnerability (MS07-16) but when you install the suggested patch, the system becomes unstable and IE 7 acts weirder than normal.

No wonder Vista refuses to cooperate with PCcillin. they don’t want you to know how bad Vista is.


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