Simple Tools for Simple Minds.

One of my favorite new tools for monotoring my machine is simply the disk usage number. Open up my computer, right click on the hard drive and then click on:
A cute looking disk shows up and in Blue it gives you the used disk space.

If you think about it for a minute, there should be no changes in disk space if nothing is saved after you surf the Internet. Moreover, after you use Ccleaner, there should be no change from before you started online. No virus, botnet or trojan can operate without storing something somewere.

So with my new epithiny, I decided to evaluate The combination of Firefox and Ccleaner.
With all systems installed and updted,
disk usage was 3,821,203,456 bytes

I then went online to, a porn portal which uses sextracker cookies, and surfed nothing but legal porn to the best of my ability – who really knows with this crap is? Firefox had been set to save nothing and destroy all session cookies on exit.
Not bad 3,821,207, 552
That’s barely enough of an increase to save one thumbnail to cache memory.
After cleaning with Ccleaner,
usage was 3,821,146,112.

At this point all systems are go, and I’m almost willing to endorse the combination of Firefox and Ccleaner as safe.

The acid test is of course to surf a known and nasty law enforcement Honeypot,

This site is truly nasty shit and once again crap came raining on my computer. I never waited for a full load, because it’s disgusting. This is one of the sites cited at trial used to send a man to jail which is still online publishing kiddie porn in the good old USA. It’s a disgusting site but it does serve as a benchmark for the power of Military Strength Maleware.

After cleaning with Ccleaner, there are
3,821,154,304 bytes or an increase of 8,192 bytes.

Now that’s not much of an increase and certainly not enough to hide images on the machine but it is enough to mark it. And here’s where life gets ineresting.

Overnight, there was a drop to 3,821,101,056 and my antivirus started getting weird. I kept getting notices about needing updates which the update program rejected because it was comming from the wrong URL address. The machine was online but unused for two days and it usage rose to:

Four hours later it was about:
3,850,400,000 which was stable for a day

At this point Ccleaner missed cleaning a couple of index.dat files analyzed by Index.dat Analyzer (15 total) and the Windows search function refused to identify any index.dat files at all. Since the search function wasn’t working it was hard to find where all this increased usage was taking place and at a usage level of
3,864,084,480 The machine was taken offline.

That is an incredible 40 MG of programming that was installed in two days without my knowledge or permission and it started 1 full day after I visited a really nasty site. (I never surfed again after that visit but left the machine connected to the Internet.)

For a bunch of reasons, I dumped my anti virus and installed another one, but that’s another story.


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