Netstat, the Vulcan Mind Probe and spying on Akamai

Now I’m pretty sure that I have Military Strength Malware on the machine that went wild, so I changed anti Virus to PCcillin. Yeah, I know it’s not the best, but at least it does a good job of documenting known and even unknown Microsoft Vulnerabilities. I did the install off line and then updated as soon as I went online. The installation seemed large as disc usage rose from
3,801,989,120 bytes to 4,101,541,888 bytes.

I then went to and entered netstat through a dos command while the page was loading and it lit up like a Christmas tree. There were connections on 85 different ports. There were alot of internal connections but I will focus on the external connections trying to probe my computer memory. I used Firefox Browser and Ccleaner before I started.

The connections delivering the material and probing my machine were:

One (1) from layered technology, the original host for WordPress.
One (1) from Google which does a lot of stat work and tracking.
three (3) from Akamai who is the new distributed hosting company for big sites

Now all of those are expected along with who provides that cool mouse over service to show what other web pages look like before you go there.

Regular readers will know that the FBI spy tools are hosted by your ISP and it,s not surprising to find 17 connections to my computer from an IP number owned by my Virgin Islands ISP.

Saving the best for last, It’s unexpected but not unbelievable to find two connections from These are the fine people who are profiting from serving domestic kiddie porn and I have presented evidence of their involvement in domestic spying.

So while I’ really didn’t expect them it’s also no big surprise.

The excessive number of connections from the same visitors is reproducible. I can shut the browsers and return with more or less the same visitors with the same multiple connections.

Seems like as long as netstat works, Its going to be hard for people spying on you to do it anonymously and at least I can document domestic spying.

Cool Tool – Netstat!!!!


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