Window’s Updating Blues

I see that Vista has been getting some bad press on it’s up dating procedure. It seems that if you miss an automatic update because the machine is off line. the machine automatically updates the next time you turn it on even if you’re operating in a guest account.

The problem is the Vista update is operating in the background with full administrative privileges and automatically restarts when necessary and without warning. Of course this no notice restart could be in the middle of an important project. Actually, there is not a big difference compared to the old XP except that new Windows programs require more patches, updates and restarts.

I discovered lapses in the update process on my laptop where of course I have user and administrative accounts. It seems that for XP on my laptop, it will hibernate behind an impenetrable wall when it`s idle which is of course every night at 3 am when it is supposed to be updating. In the morning when I go online, with no administrative privileges, I cannot update windows at all because I am not the administrator.

The only way to operate a perfect machine is to set aside time to go online as administrator and administer to the needs of Microsoft. I would hardly call this a user friendly operation particularly as I watch my blinky little icon telling me that my non-Microsoft Anti Virus is automatically updating and protecting me while running in background. The only time I need administrative privilege is when I want to change a setting and then it just asks for a password to make the change.

Perhaps, Microsoft is reluctant to do this because they know how unprotected there Protected Storage is. If you want some fun try Protected Storage Explorer to find the paswords and protected data on your machine

I’m pretty careful about letting windows fill out forms or remember passwords so there is not much on me. However, I’ve seen everything a person can put on a form completely understandable in Microsoft Protected Storage.


One Response to “Window’s Updating Blues”

  1. ekalmalc Says:

    Yes, i found out the hard way! My vista machine restarted without warning IN THE MIDDLE OF A RECOVERY OF A 1TB RAID!!! so much for the hours of scanning the drives… i’ll have to start all over.

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