Who is Cameron Laird and Why is He Trying to Rape Me?

If you go to lairds.com, you are automatically redirected to lairds.org which is one of those very simple family sites where people collect mail, post pictures and let the whole thing get terribly out of date with no one in the family actually using it, except for a few. Seems that Kitty and Kyler Laird still use it occasionally to post family and vacation pictures and Cameron apparently uses it occasionally to do some work on a non-employer server.

Cameron is a very skilled and award winning programmer who works for phaseit.net as a Vice President and all of this appears to be totally useless information and you probably wonder why I bothered to find it out.

When I turned on my laptop this morning the first thing I did was run “netstat -an” and check all the unsolicited activity. Now as a working definition, I was always led to believe that penetration without permission is rape.

With no surprise, I found my anti-virus and MSN updating their offerings (They are programmed to do so). I also found my local ISP connected which I assume is the FBI’s Carnivore and I can’t do much about that.

What was a surprise was I found a connection ( owned by FDCSERVERS.NET) to my machine at port 2518 sharing my anti virus update PID. To get more information, I ran “netstat -bv 10” which identifies URL’s and the processes involved. Unfortunately it describes many processes as “unknown processes”. The IP was identified as mx.phaseit.net

Of course I ran a DNS Repport to track the mail server and found the following information:
mx.phaseit.net’s postmaster response:

>>> RCPT TO:

<<< 550 Your mail server is misconfigured. claims to be test.DNSreport.com.

mx.phaseit.net’s abuse response:

>>> RCPT TO:<abuse@lairds.com>

<<< 550 Your mail server is misconfigured. claims to be test.DNSreport.com.

Both lairds.com and mx.phaseit.net track to FDCSERVERS.NET

When you go to lairds.com it redirects to lairds.org site and confirmed that the penetration was not accidental or unplanned as Cameron Laird was a key player on both lairds.org and phaseit.net.

Since my laptop defenses have been penetrated without permission, There is no doubt that I should be screaming rape. So:

Who is Cameron Laird and why is he trying to rape me?


5 Responses to “Who is Cameron Laird and Why is He Trying to Rape Me?”

  1. Kyler Laird Says:

    Did you consider sending us mail about this (from a properly configured mail server)?


  2. fatsavage Says:

    Actually, I only use hotmail and Network Solutions mail servers which are properly configured. I sent the complaint to abuse@lairds.com and I believe it was rejected about seven months ago. It is not my mail server that was hacked, invading my privacy and rejecting abuse complaints so I posted my story on line. It still doesn’t answer why the connection was being made to my machine. Does anybody know?

    Seems you may have had some trouble receiving email back then.


  3. fatsavage Says:

    PS I’m not spying on you, I just use Google rather well – check yourself by searching mx.phaseit.net

  4. Dr Wood Says:

    I too had my internet connection transmitting when I was using it. Traced to these assholes at mxphaseit.com. These data mothers need their assholes kicked across the country. The feds are just a bunch of paranoid snoops that are worried too many of us have figured out they are just the mafia using strongarm techniques to maintain their power. And they wonder why so many hate them?

  5. Beau Gould (@ossjobs) Says:

    I love this kind of stuff. Keep it comin!

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