Vista’s Lost Tools!

Seems every time I move, I lose tools or misplace them. My tool kit to observe who’s invading my computer is fairly simple. I use the disk usage from properties, the various netstat options from DOS and search to find the most recently modified files. There is no difference in the properties option for Vista, simply right click the hard drive in My Computer, mouse over properties and click on it.

After about a week of using Vista, I noticed that my hard drive usage had gone from 12 gig to 17 gig with no reason so I wanted to do a netstat and also delete files. I found out that as administrator, I was not empowered to do so. Also, if it’s easy to search for reciently modified or very large files, I couldn’t figure out how. One problem at a time, I wanted to install a working DOS command prompt..

That turned out to be fairly easy as many of the early innovators had faced the same issue so the advice is on the net and fairly simple. (Rough Guidlines I used are from Right click on the desktop, mouseover new and click on short-cut. When the installer pops up, type in “CMD” all caps and use the defaults for the rest.

Now that you have a dos icon on your desktop, right click on it and once again enter properties. Go to advanced and increaser your security level to administrator which is of course what you already are or you couldn’t have installed it anyway.

Just one more stumbling block on the path to knowledge.


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