Vista – More Lost Tools!

Every physical move I ever made caused a loss. When I moved from a condo to a house I lost the built in security and lawn maintenance, but I gained a senses of privacy and independence. The losses were real and important but so were the gains.

So far with Vista, I’m recognizing and counting my losses but have not discovered any gains. I finally gave up on an independent anti-virus and did the Microsoft thing just to get the installation done. This was a major loss for my well developed paranoia and I have yet to discover an offsetting gain.

I lost innumerable hours trying to install favorite programs and when done, I am back to an inferior XP clone and some programs just don’t work. As previously discussed, the new improved solitaire sucks so my enjoyment is reduced but at least their is an offsetting saving of wasted time.

Today’s discovery is that Index.dat Analyzer and Spybot Search and Destroy no longer work. The latter program is much more popular than Index.dat Analyzer but I consider it less powerful and not too great a loss.

Index.dat Analyzer is clumsy to use but an extremely powerful tool. Quite simply it finds every single record of your surfing history and allows you to eliminate them. It finds stuff that Ccleaner and AdAware miss.

In the end, more lost tools, and so far I’m still looking for the offsetting gains that make my switch to Vista worthwhile.


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