Netstat – My New Best Friend!

If your gonna be a hacker, you have to use netstat to figure out who’s hacking you and if you can’t defend yourself, you better not start an attack.

I have grow accostomed to having netstat open and sometimes even running in background. I never much thought about the fact that it is operating on a totally different operating system than Windows. One day while surfing, my whole Windows system froze (Firefox on Windows XP)and for no particlular reason I clicked on the DOS window and found netstat up and running and monotoring my system. There were connections to and a content delivery system called Limelite which could be explained by being from the last site I visited.

There was also which turned out to be registered to which was not an invited guest.

The next morning, I turned on my machine and immediately started a DOS window running “netstat -ano 7” which means it refreshes every 7 seconds. Before anything could even update, I had two intruders, the FBI and

Since I couldn’t find very much on and didn’t feel like wasting time I blocked them at my firewall.

Oh well, shit happens.


2 Responses to “Netstat – My New Best Friend!”

  1. Mr. Adtaq Says:


    I’m the owner of Adtaq Internet and just wanted to mention that the IP you are concerned with is actually a customer of ours, HauteSecure. Perhaps you are running the Haute Secure client? That would explain the connection…

    Just an idea! We don’t do (or support) evil things so I wanted to clear the air here ASAP.

    Mr. Adtaq

  2. fatsavage Says:

    Thanks for the info. I did try Haute Secure once and wasn’t impressed. I cant recall if the client had been removed at the time of that post. I believe that those invading my machines should identify themselves like Microsoft does.

    and Congratulations, you are the only hosting company ever to respond.



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