Vistasucks Is Worth The Link!

A couple of months ago I linked to Vista Sucks and visit it from time to time. This person does incredible research on every aspect of Vista and links to articles from everywhere. My principle concern is not whether Vista sucks or not but whether its secure.

One recent link is to an article about information harvesting that Microsoft does for themselves for business and security reasons and that you have already given your permission for them to give your information to law enforcement agencies to protect the general public. Apparently this is old news that everybody else knew except for you and I.

Both links are worth a visit if you care about either personal privacy or Vista.


3 Responses to “Vistasucks Is Worth The Link!”

  1. VMP’s or Vile Machine Probes! « Tickling the Tiger’s Tail Says:

    […] Tickling the Tiger’s Tail Just another weblog « Vistasucks Is Worth The Link! […]

  2. vistasucks Says:

    How are you coming along with Vista? Back on XP? Moved to Linux or Mac?

  3. Vista; Resistance is Futile, Knowledge is Soporific! « Tickling the Tiger’s Tail Says:

    […] less degree with some obscenity called “the National Interest” in mind. I’ve done the boring blog about Vista invading your privacy and the only reason XP is better is that there are more programs out there that work to protect […]

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