Vista; Resistance is Futile, Knowledge is Soporific!

Well my friends over at Vistasucks wanted to know what I think about Vista and what am I doing about an operating system.The answer should be obvious: Nothing at all.

I finally got Vista installed and even used Defender antivirus. This operating system is slow and I finally figured out one of the reasons was the daily backup which quadrupled disk usage in about a week. I’ll discuss the Vista shortcomings in the next few blogs and they go from banal to unacceptable and sometimes you can’t tell the difference. I mean is it banal or unbelievably unacceptable that the solitaire game cannot keep accurate score. This has to be indicative of a lack of market testing, and poor software control. If they do something stupid like that with trivial solitaire programming – what’s wrong with the rest of the system.

I’m not above self criticism, so about a month ago, I went back to my computer assembler and tried to purchase a brand new Vista Machine just in case the mistakes were caused by me during installation. He told me they no longer built them for inventory because everybody wanted XP but they would build them to order. So I had one built. I’ve forced my home to be a Vista enclave by giving away a perfectly good and almost new XP machine that I dreaded doing the upgrade on after my first experience. The second custom built machine has not even come out of the box as I have been too busy but since the house must be in order before the Christmas guests arrives, I have a deadline. The biggest change is I’m sleeping in later and no longer working from home because I don’t need early morning aggravation. As a result, my hobby blogs have been unattended for about a month. Vista is too much like work, it reminds me of the old Sinclair Timex machine with the memory always falling out and crashing the machine. It was cute but it still sucked.

For now it’s XP & Suse Linux at work and Vista ( mostly never used) at home. At work there are no issues of security or privacy. We are in a controlled industry and damn near every government agency in the world can get a court order to see what’s in our files or on our machines so we let them look without too much bother. Since I don’t understand the security of my Vista operating system at home, there is not much other than family pablum on it.

I was born free, I would prefer to die with my right of privacy intact and I feel that no operating system exists which will work to protect me. They all seem to be designed to a greater or less degree with some obscenity called “the National Interest” in mind. I’ve done the boring blog about Vista invading your privacy and the only reason XP is better is that there are more programs out there that work to protect you. Vista was probably released in the “National Interest” to provide usable trapdoors for the Feds because the XP vulnerabilities were all being closed by independent software developers.

As stated previously, Linux is still a toy and the open source movement is a disaster. (Open Office is dreadfully slow and there are now 33,000 images associated with the program.) I suspect thats whats wrong with totally open source is that every kiddie hacker in the world wants to add an image or their 2 lines of code and soon, the programs will grow to Bill Gates size with all the associated backdoors. There are probably a half dozen programers working at Homeland Security submitting clever code to add to the various Linux distribution which will make the system weaker.

I’m starting to think about alternate surfing technology and alternate operating systems which is why I’ve started blogging again. I can’t believe that there is not a way to once again surf the net with the privacy of a library. But in my heart I know:

Resistance is Futile, Knowledge is Soporific!


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