Vista Security-Oxymoron

Let’s start with basics, Vista Security is an oxymoron – It simply doesn’t exist.

I finally hacked an installation on a brand new machine and worked at putting an anti-virus on the machine. At the time, everything I tried was incompatable or my downloads were blocked. I tried Zone Alarm, PCcillin and Kaspersky. So I ended up with One Care which the whole world is condemning for being a weak system. I also attempted to install my Malware protection but every time I ran Spybot Search and Destroy, my computer locked up and AdAware wouldn’t update without locking up my machine.

I have now reached the end of my one month trial period for One Care so decided to check my machine and see how outside suppliers rate it. One Care says I’m at risk because I won’t let that cancerous back up program operate and I haven’t paid them. I tried running PCcillin House Call and was told that they couldn’t really check some operating systems. I tried Kaspersky on Line service and it told me I looked OK but there were 150 blocked files that they were incapable of inspecting.

I would have felt better if I was told that they inspected everything and I was clean.

I tried reinstalling Spybot Search and Destroy but it locked up when I tried to update it and I couldn’t get it to run. I tried to run it a few more times. It identified a couple of problems and shut down saying I aborted the process. AdAware refuses to update and stalls. When you force it a few more tries a screen pops up saying the update is complete without telling you what was updated. When I ran it, it took 18 minutes to get half way and finished in one more minute. I removed the cookies I found but don’t really trust the results.

If the Vista machine were used for anything more than surfing and writing an occasional post, I wouldn’t know what to do. I have no idea what kind of bug is on the machine nor do I trust any tools that are supposed to help me find and eliminate it.

Vista Security, Truly an Oxymoron.


3 Responses to “Vista Security-Oxymoron”

  1. Koopa Says:

    while I am not defending Vista, you are installing programs all designed for windows XP. It is like installing a porgram for windows 3.1 and expecting it work in windows 95. All programs are not seemless.

    The problem with Vista is you need to trust microsoft to resolve their own problems. Embedded in the OS is anti malware program. If it works, you are happy but if it doesn’t then you only have microsoft to blame!

    Lastly, if you use the computer to surf the web, that is worse than if you used the computer solely to check your email. Most crap comes from getting on hacked websites moreso than flowing into your email (unless you have no anitvirus or spam filters on your email server. If you don’t I suggest getting an email address that has this functionality)

    I just wanted to give another perspective on it πŸ™‚

    ——————————————- – The only place to waste time…or not!

  2. fatsavage Says:

    I agree with all that you said and that is the point. I am moving from XP just as I moved from Windows ME, Windows 98, Widows 3.0 and DOS and I have learned not to trust Microsoft when it comes to security. I am not sure whether it’s lack of commitment, total incompetence, or intentional backdoors in the name of National Security.

    As a mature system, XP has an unlimited supply of protective ad ons with ratings from good to God awful but a knowledgeable person should be able to have reasonable assurance that the machine is secure or be able to measure the vulnerabilities.

    With Vista this is not the case and you are making note of the fact that I must rely on Mocrosoft’s new commitment to honesty, openness and a secure environment for my protection.

    Not sure I have that much faith. It’s far easier for me to believe in Santa Clause as I find evidence every Christmas to support my faith.

    Have a Happy Holiday.

  3. Koopa Says:

    fatsavage – but the point is that those programs are designed for XP not for Vista. It is like putting out a fire with water. It works great on most fires but doesn’t work when the fire is oil based. Just because spybot does not work, does not make Vista less secure.

    Give Vista a chance and see how it goes. Microsoft did the smart thing by purchasing a third party anti-malware company instead of developing its own. I actually liked the anti-malware company that microsoft bought out so don’t write it off just because it has the Microsoft name on it!

    Good luck Vista and enjoy the Holidays.

    β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- – The only place to waste time…or not!

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