Google Proof Sites – Part 3, The Site Command

If you want to check the approximate number of pages on a site or sneak in the back door of your favorite porn site to look at all the pictures, you can try the Google Site command which can perform both functions. For instance, will give you a listing of about 150 pages, and will give you a listing of 7500 pages that you can search for pictures. Actually most of the pages are forums and text pages that give you insight to the adult porn industry.

Now once again, there are sites that you cannot Google or which do not yield complete information. will only take you to the home page and goes to a Google cache page which Google cannot find.

Among the sites that can’t be Googled are;

A couple of sites give really unique responses to the site command. does not reviel any pages because Google has deleted results because of child pornography complaints. the same is true of the other.

These two sites have been discussed extensively as child pornography sites at ( & Now what’s really unnerving is despite the fact that these sites are still publishing kiddie porn, they are still on line three years after the initial arrest of Chuck Stephano. has no record of them ever being issued a Cease and Desist Order to stop publishing kiddie porn and the pictures they offer are very disturbing pictures of very young girls engaged in brutal sexual acts with much older men.

The only organization powerful enough to exploit pictures of living young girls being brutalized is the United States Government.

Merry Christmas George Bush, this started with your Christian Administration.


One Response to “Google Proof Sites – Part 3, The Site Command”

  1. fatsavage Says:

    Cool, sombody’s reading my posts. Seems that since I noted that was a stealth site, Google has now relisted them with over 2500 pages of dirty pictures. That didn’t take long to fix.

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