Screw Google or Scroogle

It’s kind of hard to ignore the best search engine in the world and there are two serious contenders for allowing this option. First, is which for the time being is committed to not keeping your individual search records. Keep in mind this is a publicly traded company which would not want to piss off Uncle Sam so there are economic limits to how much they will invest to defended your right to privacy. With Google-ites making asses of themselves relative to site filtering and screwing over the people in China, it doesn’t take much of a corporate investment to look a little better and that’s what has done. Still, there is the issue of search quality.

When you put yesterdays title (Bin Laden, Google and the CIA) in Ask or Google nothing is returned. When you put “Is Google Spying?” in the two search engines, The Tigerstail post is number 2 in Google and does not appear in It would appear that Ask has to do a little better job of crawling the Web and creating a database if they are going to compete with Google. sounds almost too good to be true. They run a proxy service that deletes all Google cookies and logs. They do the search for you at Google, strip all identifying features and return the answer. The are a non profit organization and have extremely limited onsite information about them or their creators. Of course they return the same results as Google but this does not always have to be the case. Google could spend a lot of time and money to screw but for now they seem to get you the best anonymous results possible. Since I trust nothing and do a lot of rechecking of information, I doubt that I’ll be the one they fail when Google screws them. BUT, you never know who that one will be.

For now, Scroogle seems to give the same search as Google without the advertising and that might be their downfall.


4 Responses to “Screw Google or Scroogle”

  1. Screw Google or Scroogle | Says:

    […] here to see the original: Screw Google or Scroogle 8217s tail domestic spying google google or scroogle hacking porn postage tickling the tiger […]

  2. S.C.R OOGLE Says:

    “For now, Scroogle seems to give the same search as Google without the advertising and that might be their downfall.”

    Duh – thats a good thing!

  3. fatsavage Says:

    Duh – they live by the grace of Google – early court rulings said that you can rip the content if you use all of the original ads. When google gets pissed they are history – this is just like ripping any other content.

  4. Scroogle Scraper Says:

    Scroogle’s a step in the right direction though. There are many flawed arguments against retaining privacy like “why do you need to worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide?” The same can go for Google though, in the sense of “why should Google catalog who searches what when it doesn’t need to?” and that sort of deal. Domestic spying is nothing more than Fascism piled under weak excuses and it’s about time it stops before even more impressionable people start to think it’s a good idea.

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