Kolmic.com, The Family Tree

For most people finding evil sites is tough and even after you get a browser hijack or a URL redirect from your Browser, you’re never quite sure what site infected you. Now my perspective is somewhat different, I have my list of known kiddie porn sites which exist by consent of the government and also associated law enforcement honeypots. I periodically go to these sites and check the source code to find out who the face page is linking to. It seems that all the control is usually from one master computer with face URL’s gathering their feeds and images from that master. When one feed site gets so famous that it is blocked by crapware protection, they switch to the next site. Right now everyone concerned with cnomy.com or Kolmic.com for crapware should also start blocking malkm.com at the firewall level.

Finding these associations is fairly easy once you know the starting point.

If your a sex starved teenage you might dream of multiple partners at:

Orgy.com where the source code shows the javascript and pictures come from Kolmic.com

Hell, you might even dream of multiple orgies at:

Orgies.com where the source code shows the javascript and pictures come from Kolmic.com

If your too young to dream of orgies, you may just want to see naked people at:

naked.com where the source code shows the javascript and pictures come from naked.com and a pop-up comes from kolmic.com

Now these are all tame sites so you might want something more raunchy at:

raunchy.com which redirects to freetube.com with a pop-up from Kolmic.com

Now at one point, the source code for kolmic.com showed scripts and pics from cnomy.com so it’s not surprising that:

femalesex.com also redirects to freetube.com with a cloned pop-up of kolmic from cnomy.com

If you can’t spell, orgie.com used to redirect to raunchy.com but now:

orgie.com redirects to freetube.com

Siteadvisor.com confirms the link between orgie.com and ranuchy.com

So what is the future bad boy on the block to serve our nation at war. My money is on malkm.com based on information obtained from Lolitacj.com which was one of two sites that sent Charles Stephano to jail. When you check siteadvisor.com for lolitacj.com it says it links to kolmic.com yet when you go to:

lolitacj.com, the source code is from malkm.com while the cloned pop-up of kolmic shows cnomy.com source code.

A quick check of malkm.com shows it is connected to erotika.ru and the list of entrapment sites continues to grow.

There are many branches of this tree with crooked roots.

Even Will Smith should be able to decide that kolmic.com was designed by evil people.


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