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Final Post

October 2, 2009

No – I’m not dead yet!!

This is a final post at because I am tired of seeking knowledge and bitching about that which is. It is time to use my skills to develope the solutions to all of the problems I have discovered.

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Haute Secure Sucks

August 3, 2007

After a couple of glowing reviews of Haute Secure Browser Tool, I decided to check it out. Once you figured out the not so obvious download link on their home page, the download was clean and installed well.

From their site we learn the browser tool Stops Malware attacks in Real-time and Prevents bad content from loading

So when I went to to look up haute, it warned me of 3 malicious attacks on my machine. The pop-up’s that are already blocked by my browser were the source of the warning.

When I went to some related sites it blocked me from finding out which person on my friends list has a crush on me. It could be either the religious one from Barbados or the one in her underwear from my own Caribbean island. I guess I will never find out as I did not click the button to override the knowledge base. Besides the one I think has the crush was the one in underwear who describes herself as a heavy drinking party girl who is bisexual and looking for adventure. I just might be a little old for all of that.

Seems like in the area of Haute Security, they did all right. Next was my trip to one of those nasty government sponsored kiddie porn sites that just loves to send you pictures that guarantee jail time and then hit you with malware that logs your activity and then more malware that shuts down your machine.

There was no blockage and I saw some of the nastiest kiddie porn pictures I have ever seen without any warning. I closed the browser in an instant. Now as far as I’m concerned, they didn’t block me from having really bad content load but I will give them a little credit for having blocked the spawned browsers from popping up.

When I went to, they did not identify it as a crap site although there was a warning which did not occur on the second entry. The back button no longer worked as I kept on entering more crap sites including every time I clicked the back button. The only way out was to shut the browser.

If these guys are serious, they would read the blogg for all the disgusting kiddie porn sites and blacklist them and use the Fatsavage Shitlist of Law Enforcement Honeypots to keep people away from government sponsored kiddie porn.

Haute Secure should stop being so Haute and give more basic protection. They might even protect one of those 17 year olds from being branded a sex offender for life when the basic crime was stupidity.