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Final Post

October 2, 2009

No – I’m not dead yet!!

This is a final post at because I am tired of seeking knowledge and bitching about that which is. It is time to use my skills to develope the solutions to all of the problems I have discovered.

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Bin Laden, Google and the CIA

December 31, 2007

Starting about a year ago, credible sources started claiming that Google was feeding information to the CIA. Now I’m not sure why any jackass would even waste a baying breath denying such a rumor when it’s so obviously true. Sans Teaches several courses on Google Hacking and Johnny Long has written several books on the topic. As early as 1999, NATO started publishing an Open Source Intelligence Handbook and by 2002 had issued a separate publication on exploiting information on the Internet. Only the most stupid Google apologist would bother denying that the CIA uses the largest database on the planet to gather information and probably pays them to teach people how to do it.

Now the issues of information filtering, diminished page rankings and generally interfering with your rights is a little more debatable. Two of the four freedoms defined by President Roosevelt were freedom of speech and freedom from fear particularly of an oppressive government. Google used to brag that they had no censorship but as previously discussed they are de-listing pages from the Internet based on complaints without the existence of a Legal Cease and Desist orders. Also, they consented to censor content for the Chinese version of Google including sites only mildly critical of the central government indicating that the have the capability of censorship and the corporate will to do it if paid enough. Their new policy acknowledges that they will engage in censorship to assist law enforcement, obey regulations and as a matter of policy which covers darn near any reason in the world.

It would appear that this policy extends to publishing false listings for controversial anti-government documentary movies.

Now what brought all this to mind was yesterday I told a little Joke about bin Laden and George Bush over at the FatSavage Blog and amazingly a search engine picked it up and it became my most popular single day post. It was so popular that I jumped to number 59 on the listing of most popular WordPress Blogs. Today not a single person reached “My Apologies” by way of a search engine.

Go figure!!! Is my sense of humor being filtered to protect an almost totally tasteless Web or is this just old fashioned censorship?

Just Plane Stupid!

October 6, 2007

As reported, the trial of Jammie Thomas for file sharing music was just plain stupid. The ability of Organizations to probe your machine is incredible and your computer is a treasure island of hidden information. The script kiddies in forums have been discussing firewalls, evidence eliminators and a lot of other information but what they pretty much ignore is that Jammie’s privacy was invaded and the music companies found the evidence they wanted by invading her privacy. They then sent her a letter notifying her of what she had done. She destroyed her hard drive but it was too late the evidence they had gathered without her knowledge or permission was enough to convict her.

Now I’m very paranoid about my own computer privacy and over the course of this blog, I have been using the DOS command netstat to find out who is connected and what processes they our running on my computer. I call these external information gathering connections Vulcan Mind Probes and I don’t particularly care whether its Google or Quantcast gathering cookie information to find out my tastes and the other sites I visit. As a matter of fact, I’m addicted to and love the information they gather on your machine so I guess I have to live with them invading my privacy with a Vulcan mind probe.

Now the FBI’s activity was the first I discovered and it’s sort of like having a constant companion. When they disappeared for a few days, I got even more paranoid because I was worried about them having a super stealth probe that I could not monitor. (They Do.) However, today is not the day I catch that. While typing this I set up the following at the DOS command prompt:

C:\WINDOWS>netstat -ano 7

The response showed one connection
The process id was for my antivirus program which was monitoring the connection.

As soon as I used the “Save and Continue Editing” function in WordPress, I got the following response


The new connection was not WordPress but a direct connection to my local ISP where the FBI’s Carnivore exist. I’m so used to this connection that I barely notice and assume that it’s a stealth key stroke logger reporting in with my reient activity.

This morning, I’m continuing my test with a trial version of “X-NetStat 5.1”. First I opened up two DOS Windows. In the first, I ran the above command and let it go continuously after restarting the machine from a cold start. In the second, I ran “netstat -bv 10” which is an extremely slow process so you always miss connections. Then I started “X-NetStat 5.1”.

Early reports showed no active external connections.

I then opened a blank browser and rechecked the results which still showed no external connections. I then connected to and “netstat -bv” was too slow to catch all the processes and users. Netstat -ano did a much better job of monitoring connections and processes but the hands down winner for monitoring connections was definitely “X-NetStat 5.1” which identified and reported the following connections:

The first connection is the Google stats connection doing its data mining and the second is my old friends at the FBI. Next is Akamai which is hosting WordPress and distributing it worldwide. Then we have a second Google probe and after that it’s not obvious but if you put the IP starting with 38 in your browser, thats a connection which I consider a cool tool and is welcome.

After that it gets a little more interesting as belongs to Panther Express which is a direct competitor to Akaimi and is capable of high speed global information transfers and the final one, I found by putting the IP in the URL Locater. You can click the link below or just trust me:

Check it out or click the link! – No lie, its for I simply can’t believe that anyone has put a Fatwa on me. I mean I’m not Salman Rushdie and I was not born a Muslim. Besides I thought my writing on Islamic porn was fairly balanced.

It turns out that this probably is not a Vulcan mind probe by Islamic forces but just another bunch of cops rattling there badges. The story will be posted at

So what is Just plain stupid?

Not only does link directly to a porn portal, but it’s a well documented cop-site. With all the IP’s and hosting companies on line, you really want to know why anybody would want to use their own name and a cop-site porn server to attack someone. As we find out don’t blame the Muslims for this one.

In the end this totally irresponsible stupid probe takes out a cop porn site not previously identified and an Islamic site that is an American front.

Good Christ, these fucking idiots should go back to the WWII slogan – “loose lips, sink ships” and stop giving away the farm.